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What Is Contents Insurance?

Most UAE and GCC expatriates reside in a leasing property and consequently have belongings that are not protected to the maximum degree but are usually insured by the landlord in the building structure. It is necessary to secure your belonging from unpleasant occassions whether you rent or own your home insurance. Say if you have damaged or stolen any of your house items — furniture, painting, mobile, laptop, or jewelry , This coverage is generally considered as “content insurance” but is often characterized as personal property coverage in most insurance plans.

Why is Contents Insurance So important?

The interesting thing is that insurance policies for owners and renters usually cover your household property.

Insurance for contents aims to help to repair or replace your personal belongings if it is damaged, stolen or destroyed through an insured hazard such as fire. So you may find that the content insurance helps to compensate for the loss when anyone breaches into your house and thefts your devices or the furnishings and apparel are damaged by the fires.

The type of insurance coverage you have is critical to understand and how your insurance can reimburse for the claims covered so that you can be better positioned if you ever have a claim to make.

PROPERTY COVERAGE: ACTUAL CASH VALUE VS. REPLACEMENT COST Whenever you get a insurance, you are often allowed to choose one of two types of personal property cover to safeguard your home’s contents: Sum insured value and refurbishment/repair costs..

Replacement cost coverage allows you to compensate the expense of having to reinstate a defected product with both an identical nature and quality. The sum insured value normally compensates you the sum insured of the contents that you insured, however these factors affect the depreciation of the item.

Here’s an illustration of how both covers operate. Say that after your 5-year old TV has been stolen you submit a claim for reimbursement. You can only refund an insurance policy with sum insured value with coverage protection for a fraction of what you spent. In the meanwhile, a replacement costs plan is likely to offer you with sufficient cover to buy a replacement of the same caliber at current value.

Be aware that your policy premium may increase if you choose to cover sum insured replacement coverage .


Then how do you determine what insurance is best for you – and what type of coverage? One way of getting started is to create a list of your assets. Add information, like devices serial numbers, brands and models and the year of purchasing as well as descriptions or photos of your possessions. Any official records like invoices and reports, such as the current assets of your home, is also a good idea. The documentation of your own belongings, from gadgets to shoes, can allow you to have an understanding of everything you own and how much it costs. That can help you determine how much coverage you are in need of for your personal assets and can be useful if you have to claim to your insurer.


You have a coverage and a deductible, regardless of whether you have a replacement cost or sum insured coverage. The maximum premium paid for a covered claim by your policy is one limit. A deductible will be the amount you will have to bear before your insurer helps to pay a covered reimbursement. You can select your coverage limit depending on the worth of your property — AED 70,000 in content coverage, for instance. When you get insurance, you may therefore select your deductible — for example, AED 250. This means that your insurance would pay up to AED 70,000 (excluding your deductible of AED 250) to assist replacing your goods if your contents were ruined in the catastrophe.

However, certain precious valuables may be subjected to eligibility restrictions. basic insurance generally restricts the inclusion to certain kinds of important items such as jewellery and cloth. Suppose your diamond earrings, for example, are robbed. You would be likely to learn that a basic policy offers for even more limited coverage whereas your personal assets coverage can be even more than earrings value, for example, the insurer cannot compensate to AED 1,500 for the robbery of a pair of earrings.

Contents insurance infographic

This is where the arranged covering of personal belongings can aid. Scheduled personal property, often called a rider, floater or backing, is supplementary protection for specific assets, such as art, artifacts, antiques, jewellery or luxurious items. In terms of organizing an asset, you normally would have to get the object professionally evaluated. Other advantages for arranging assets may include more risk coverage but no excess cost if a claim is required.


Content insurance usually covers your personal possessions while at home or even while transiting to just a new residence, However, if there was a damage caused during shifting this coverage normally does not compensate for any damage to the property – regardless of wether they packing or moving the products physically. When you select a particular house , fully comprehend how your property is insured during a transition, it is a better to talk with your insurance provider. It is also essential to bear in mind that when you decide to purchase property you would need a new insurance. This is because the risk of a new home may be different.

If you relocate any products to the warehouse, insurance can secure assets from specific hazards, such as fire and theft. However, be aware that for goods which are off premises, coverage limits may be reduced. For instance if you have a AED 1Million personal property coverage limit in your residential insurance plan, your off-site property coverage can be limited to AED10,000. Make sure you verify your policies or consult your provider to see how much you can cover these assets.

A local provider can assist you assess your current insurance coverage and clarify all your inquiries regarding the protection of your property. You will be able to modify the coverage that is best suited for your case once you understand better how insurance serves to safeguard the contents of your house or apartment.


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