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Thinking of buying Takaful insurance? Avoid these 5 blunders

With changing times, the infiltration of takaful insurance policy among the homeowners of the UAE has raised manifold. Increasingly more people, both citizens as well as expats, have started to understand the requirement for safeguarding their lives versus numerous forms of crippling susceptibilities. Therefore, the worth of the takaful insurance policy market in the UAE has breached the mark of $2.4 billion!

Nonetheless, purchasing takaful insurance policy is not always an easy job. You not only need to acquire a policy that fulfills your specific insurance coverage requirements, but you are likewise required to guarantee that its costs, tenure, as well as protection, comes within the purview of your funds. So, if you are intending to get a good takaful insurance coverage, below is a set of 5 major blunders that you should intend to stay clear of.

Takaful insurance

1. Not Checking Out Terms & Problems.

While acquiring a takaful insurance policy, see to it that you read its terms (T&C) properly. The T&C section typically has detailed details that have the capacity of affecting the scope and limitations of your plan.

When checking the T&C part, look especially for.

Exemption conditions.

Fees, costs, as well as various other prices.

Insurance holder rights & duties.

Procedure to apply for an insurance claim.

Conditions when insurance claims can be refuted.

Implications in case of death/disability.

2. Not Concentrating on Insurance coverage.

One of the most significant parts of a takaful insurance policy is the overall amount of cover that it offers. An extensive understanding of coverage determines the sort of strategy that you need to get to satisfy your important economic objectives.

Therefore, if you wish to stay clear of being under-insured or over-insured, focus on obtaining an insurance policy cover based upon:



Variety of dependents.

Short-term/Long-term objectives.


The future rising cost of living.

3. Incurring Extreme Expenditure.

A takaful insurance

policy should make up a small however essential section of your general monetary profile. Preferably, it shouldn’t incur an expense of more than 5% of your total non-reusable income. This is because spending anything more than this amount will certainly end up leaving you with very little money to save or invest. As a result, your routine budget will certainly endure.

A policy must be bought to enhance wide range development, not present a needless limitation.

4. Misstating Truths.

While filling out your insurance coverage application, establish that you have not hidden or distorted any facts. In the Emirates, such misstatement is taken extremely seriously and is immediately classified as ‘deceitful.’ Additionally, under these circumstances, your cases are rejected.

Ergo, ensure that you have revealed realities like:

Present wellness problem.

Previous medical history.

Household health status.

The present way of life.

Smoking cigarettes behaviors.

5. Not Getting Illness Cover.

A takaful insurance policy ought to not simply be bought to offer financial assistance in case of a fatality. Rather, it needs to be acquired with an illness/critical ailment biker to guarantee that any kind of deadly illness like cancer, diabetes mellitus, or paralysis, is also dealt with. Doing so would certainly assist you avail massive monetary relief whenever you or your member of the family are diagnosed with a vital condition.

By avoiding the abovementioned errors, it would certainly end up being very easy for you to buy a decent takaful insurance policy plan in the UAE. After all, insurance coverage is not simply a medium to secure your life, however, it is also a method to guard the future of your liked ones!

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