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Things you need to know to renew your car insurance in Dubai

Hey, is this time for the renewal of your car insurance in Dubai? To ensure the best deal for your insurance renewal, you should be well – informed and aware beforehand. There’s a diverse range of options when it comes to vehicle insurance in Dubai. But in every policy, there are some basic and common parameters that car owners ought to keep in mind when going for car insurance renewal. The most important aspect is the documents that you should possess in order to ensure a hassle free insurance renewal.

  1. Emirates ID

  2. Valid UAE driving license

  3. Car registration Card (Mulkiya)

  4. No-Claims discount certificate (if applicable)

If you plan to renew your insurance from the same insurer, then you can move ahead in the process without these documents as well. Your insurer already has your requisite information; so, you only need to share your current policy details at the time of renewal. If you are getting your insurance plan renewed from a different insurance provider, then only you’d require these documents.

Here’s a brief summary of everything that you need to know about renewing your car insurance in Dubai, and how to go about it in the most convenient manner.

The Best Time to Renew Your Car Insurance in UAE

The tenure of every insurance policy in Dubai, or anywhere in the UAE, is of 13 months. The term of insurance is 12 months, but the one extra month is a grace period provided by the UAE transport authority, within which you must renew your insurance.

So, when your insurance expires after the completion of 12 months, you have an additional penalty-free month to renew it.

Instead of being reminded by your car insurer about the renewal of your car insurance, it is wise and advisable to pro- actively take interest in your car insurance renewal. This would enable you to be well informed as you’d have the time to go through a few car insurance renewal policies and then decide the best scheme for yourself.

Policy Features

A major dilemma that car owners face at the time of renewal of their car insurance policy is whether to continue with the same features which are offered by your current car insurance policy or get some add-ons or optional features?

Well to get out of this dilemma is easy. You are sure to have assessed the insurance cover of your car within the past one-year time frame. So, the previous year experience would help you distinguish the features of the policy covers that have proved beneficial and those that were of no use to you. The time of renewal gives you this chance to modify the car insurance scheme according to your suitability. For example, if your current policy includes the optional Oman cover and off-road cover, whereas you’ve hardly gone on a cross-country adventure within or outside the UAE, then this policy benefit isn’t needed if this comes with additional premium, no point in keeping it. It’s wise to opt out and save yourself some money.

Insurance Provider

It’s not necessary to get your car insurance renewed from the same provider. It might seem convenient though, but it’s not always advisable.

It is recommended that you invest your time in looking for various car insurance companies in Dubai and across the UAE and choose the plan that works the best for you. The easy way to avoid all hassle is to visit an online platform like Finmaal where you can get comparison across difference insurance and takaful companies and get the best deal.

Insurance Premium

Vehicle Insurance companies in Dubai calculate the cost of car insurance premium based on certain factors which include –

  1. Make, model and value of the vehicle

  2. The age of the driver

  3. Total driving experience

  4. Driving history

  5. Record of traffic violations

  6. Claim history

  7. Type of cover agency or non-agency

One thing that car owners should keep in mind is that the extent and kind of coverage you choose at the time of renewal of your car insurance, is going to impact your car insurance premium.

No Claims Discount or No Claim Bonus

Safe driving pays, especially when it comes to car insurance policies in Dubai.

Always remember your No-Claim Discount – it is the most certain way to reduce your premium at the time of renewal. If you have not made any insurance claims in the past year, you are entitled to a No-Claims Bonus.

The more the number of claim-free years, the more discount you get since your premium will be lower for your insurance in UAE with each claim free year. However, remember the no claim discount period is considered up to 3 years and with max discount of 25%. If you are renewing your motor insurance policy from a different insurer, do not forget to get the No-Claims Discount certificate from your last insurance provider. In certain cases, the insurer might accept self-declaration to offer you the no claim discount on renewal of your insurance or takaful policy.

Car insurance and car insurance renewal policies online in Dubai

Whether it is the purchase of an insurance plan or renewal of a policy, online medium is the most suitable of the current time, especially when the pandemic has made it risky for everyone to venture out.

Benefits to Buy a Insurance Policy Online

  1. Helps you to make the informed decision

  2. Fast and easy way

  3. Transparency of the information

  4. Flexibility to customize your insurance plan

  5. Reduced paperwork

  6. Cost effective

  7. Time and efforts saving

Steps to Purchase Car Insurance Policy Online

Follow the below-mentioned steps to purchase a insurance policy online in Dubai:

  1. Know the kind of insurance policy You Require

  2. Compare quotes Online

  3. Search for Discounts and Offers

  4. Pay for Your Policy and You are Ready to Go

Contact the Customer Support, if Required

Here was an all – inclusive guide to help you decide the best insurance renewal policy in Dubai. We hope that this helps you choose the most appropriate scheme for you at the time of renewal of your car insurance.

It’s easy to get insurance quote online with a couple of steps on Finmaal


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