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The Dubai Traffic Penalties you should be Aware

Are you aware of all the traffic penalties in Dubai? Traffic infractions don’t just put you and others at risk, but also translate right into pricey penalties. Right here’s a round-up of a few of the traffic fines you should remember to stay clear of while behind the wheel.

For those not accustomed to driving on active and large roadways, driving can be rather a challenge on the streets of Dubai. It is therefore highly advised to drive patiently while ensuring that you adhere to all traffic rules in order to stay clear of paying a huge amount in traffic fines.

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The Dubai Authorities has a special method of dealing with traffic violators with making use of black points. Every traffic offense carries certain black factors that are awarded to the violator. At any time, if the points boost 24 in number throughout a year, the driving license of such a driver is withdrawn and, he/she is prevented from driving on Dubai roads.

Check out a couple of significant RTA penalties that you require to avoid while driving:

Driving intoxicated of alcohol

It is a major offence and the cops can take your vehicle for 60 days. The Dubai Traffic Penalties is decided by the court.

Triggering the fatality of a person on the road

The penalty in such an instance is chosen by the court. In case of a light vehicle, it is preserved for 60 days by the police. The violator amasses 23 black points for such an offence.

Fleeing far from the traffic cop

This is a significant offense. The penalty is AED 800 in case of light vehicles and AED 1,000 for heavy automobiles. The car is retained by the police for 30 days.

Surpassing the speed restriction by more than 80 kmph

Although vehicles in Dubai traveling at rather a high speed, yet there are speed limitations drivers must comply with. The traffic fine for going beyond the maximum speed limitation by greater than 80 kmph is AED 3,000. Furthermore, light automobiles are retained for one month, and you also gather 23 black points.

Not quitting after creating a small accident

No matter exactly how small an accident is, the drivers entailed to must stop their vehicle rather than merely scampering. The site traffic penalty for this offense is AED 500 for light cars and a monstrous AED 1,000 in case of heavy lorries. On top of that, light vehicles are confiscated for 7 days.

Driving an automobile without a legitimate enrolment

Vehicle drivers driving with an expired car registration attract a penalty of AED 500 alongside 4 black points. Additionally, the car is forcefully parked for 7 days if the registration has expired greater than 3 months.Carrying guests in vehicle without consent

Anybody lugging travellers in the automobile without requisite authorizations brings in a traffic fine of AED 3,000 in addition to retention of the car for thirty days. Likewise, you obtain 24 black points.

Crossing at the red light

If it is done by a heavy vehicle, the chauffeur in such a situation needs to pay a fine of AED 3,000 and needs to surrender his certificate to the RTA for a year. In case of a light vehicle, the RTA fine imposed is AED 1,000, plus 12 black points together with one-month vehicle retention. On the other hand, if the car is a two-wheeler, the fine is AED 1,000 with 31 days retention together with 12 black points.

Modification of automobile engine

Any kind of alteration to the engine of an automobile without accredited approvals brings in a traffic penalty of AED 1,000 including 12 black points and one-month retention.

Use of mobile while behind the wheel

This could perhaps be one of the most usual traffic offences on Dubai roads. Chatting on the mobile phone while driving not only put your life under risk but also increases the chances of triggering a mishap, it will certainly cost you as much as AED 800 plus 4 black points as a penalty to use mobile while driving.

Safe Driving!

So, this was all about several of the major traffic infractions and traffic penalties in Dubai. Be aware, you always prioritize your security in addition to that of other vehicles when driving. It is advisable to be fully aware of the typical driving offences, road speed limitations when driving, in addition to various other rules set out by the RTA before your car gets the road. Visit Finmaal today and get the best solution.


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