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Manage your car insurance better with these 5 simple steps

Dubai is heaven for all car lovers. The city offers an exquisite range of cars that you can buy and drive. Added to this is the superb connectivity and quality of roads which makes driving in the UAE an extraordinary experience. The reasonable cost of fuel is another reason why the city is a driver’s paradise. The icing on the cake is the fact that the car insurance is available at very competitive prices and the process is a cakewalk, provided the plethora of car insurance companies in Dubai.

There are majorly two forms of insurances available :

Comprehensive car insurance and the Third party insurance.

Some form of auto insurance is mandatory in Dubai

We share with you 5 simple tips to help you manage your insurance better –

  1. Consult your current Insurance provider for some new quotes. The foremost benefit of reaching out to your current insurance provider for the updates regarding car insurance quotes is that they are well acquainted with your driving track record and hence would be able to offer you a competitive price. Another plus point of getting a quote from your current auto insurance provider is that if the no claim period of your insurance policy increases, you’ll be entitled to a no claim bonus with a hike in discounts. Your current insurance provider would help you with a better deal which is inclusive of a no claim bonus.

  2. Whether it is the purchase of an insurance plan or renewal of a policy, online medium is the most suitable of the current time, especially when the pandemic has made it risky for everyone to venture out.  The benefits of managing your car insurance online are numerous. The best of these is that you get a chance to compare a wide range of car insurance policies from the comfort of your home. By adding various filters you can customize your search. Comparison of car insurance quotes online is not only easy and efficient but it also helps you make an informed decision regarding your car insurance in Dubai. It helps you decide whether there is an insurance provider who is offering a more competitive price than your current insurance provider, giving you incentive to switch.

  3. Your decision regarding the car insurance company should be based on a holistic analysis of all the features the company provides. It would not be wise to base your decision solely on the amount of premium you’d have to pay. Some insurance providers may charge a lesser amount but in turn do not extend some basic services. It is necessary to consider the services that are covered under the auto insurance policy before you finalize it.  Consider factors such as agency repair vs non-agency repair, off-road coverage for 4×4 vehicles, GCC coverage, windshield cover with no deductibles and passenger and driver coverage, etc. Only then, would you be able to choose the car insurance policy that is most suitable to you, and would be said to have made a well informed decision.

  4. The most appropriate way to judge an insurance policy’s scheme is to consider it’s claim procedure. A genuine insurance policy provider will have a customer friendly insurance claim procedure and a reliable service platform. The best car insurance companies in Dubai will provide for Services such as all day call centers, on road service assistance, replacement car options, and emergency towing facilities. Make sure that all these services and facilities are part of your deal for a smooth and pleasant car insurance experience in Dubai.  

  5. Safe driving pays, especially when it comes to car insurance policies in Dubai. Always remember your No-Claim Discount – it is the most certain way to reduce your premium at the time of renewal. If you have not made any car insurance claims in the past year, you are entitled to a No-Claims Bonus. The more the number of claim-free years, the more discount you get since  your premium will be lower for your car insurance in UAE with each claim free year. This further safeguards your insurance from becoming dearer in the next year in case of a claim. It generally requires an initial investment, but then it’s worth it, since it could prove to be a beneficial policy in the long run.  If you are renewing your motor insurance policy from a different insurer, do not forget to get the No-Claims Discount certificate from your last insurance provider This further safeguards your insurance from becoming dearer in the next year in case of a claim. It generally requires an initial investment, but then it’s worth it, since it could prove to be a beneficial policy in the long run.

Deciding the most appropriate car insurance deal in Dubai can be a baffling task, but the aforementioned steps would help you select the best car insurance policy for you in Dubai.

Scout for a deal at competitive prices for features that suit your requirements. The best thing to do for an informed and wise choice is to compare insurance policies before you apply for a new one or go for a renewal of your existing policy.


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