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How to tell your car insurance provider you’re not happy with the insurance policy

Car insurance is extremely important for all car owners. It protects them from bearing exorbitant expenses in case of mishaps. The right insurance includes a plethora of coverages such as property liability, collision, bodily injury liability among others.

How to tell your car insurance provider you’re not happy?

In order to get a good quality and the best car insurance in UAE, it is extremely crucial to contact a good insurance provider. One cannot stress enough the importance of an honest, open and fair car insurance provider. Since the cost associated with insurance policies are usually high, it is important that your insurer provides you the most feasible option which should also cover all your requirements. What happens however, if you are not happy with your insurance policy? Here are a number of actions you can take if you are not happy with your insurance policy and are looking to find a resolution.

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Be direct and logical in your approach

The first step shsould be to talk to your current car insurance provider and clearly state the reasons why you are not happy with their services. You should be prepared to make your case when the car insurance provider asks you the reasons of your dissatisfaction. If the concerned person is not willing to listen to your grievances, then you can also contact the consumer complaint department of the company.

Support your case with documents

Substantiate your reasons with a letter and proper documents, if any. It would be a good idea to support your argument with some data and figures. Include important details such as your contact information and claim number.

Get your insurance policy reviewed

Most car insurers provide options of appraisal or arbitration in order to settle disputes. Ask your car insurer to inform you about any such options.

Contact the insurance department of your state

If you feel that your insurer is unable to settle the disagreements, then you can contact the insurance department of your state. The department will collect the necessary information and review your case individually.

Once your dispute is settled, make sure that you re-evaluate the policy before aggreging to all the terms and conditions. If you want to know about the best car insurance in UAE, check our website.


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