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How to spend 24 hours in Dubai post lockdown?

The UAE is gradually emerging from the lockdown. The government has lifted certain restrictions is specific areas. Even though the pandemic continues to persist, the news of opening in post lockdown up a few places came as a big sigh of relief for many people.

How to spend 24 hours in post lockdown?

While it is definitely necessary to ensure that the precautions are taken, it is still quite refreshing for people to begin their life post lockdown. With restrictions being lifted up there are several things on can do post lockdown in Dubai.

Hit the gym

Gyms are now open in UAE and are operating on 50 percent capacity. If you are a gym freak and fitness enthusiast, it’s difficult to fathom how much you missed going to the gym. While one needs to take precautions such as wearing masks and maintaining social distancing, the gyms have been opened in UAE. It is definitely a great idea to start your day with some serious workout.

Go to your favourite café

Many people missed the whole feeling of going to one’s favourite café and sipping one’s favourite café. With restrictions easing up, the cafes and restaurants are also being opened. It is always a great idea to go to your favourite café, order your favourite food and enjoy the ambience. Although it is very important to consider all the precautions especially when one is dining out.

Go for a drive

While it is recommended not to travel by public transportation, going for a drive in your own car sounds like a harmless thing to do provided you take all the precautions. Plan a small getaway around the city. Since the lockdown had all of us being locked in our houses, going for a small drive can come as a blow of fresh air in your life.

Watch a movie

Since the cinema halls are now open in Dubai with reduction of the seating capacity to 30 percent, it is safe to watch a movie on the big screen as long as you take all the precautions like wearing your mask, sanitization, social distancing etc.

Wrap your day with fine dining

Sine restaurants are now open till 10 PM in Dubai, you can wrap up your day by eating at your favourite restaurant. Remember it is extremely important to adhere to all the safety guidelines while dining out.

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