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How to raise a complaint with your car insurance provider?

Have you lately been unhappy with your car insurance provider? Are you confused about the actions steps to be taken when facing issues with your car insurance provider? We have prepared a small guide for you to raise a complaint with your car insurance provider in UAE.

How to raise a complaint?

Unsatisfactory settlement deals and denial of insurance claims are some of the problems that car owners might face when it comes to car insurance policies. Although it is always a good idea to contact an honest, fair and feasible car insurance provider but things can sometimes go wrong even when you least expect them to be. Therefore, it is extremely important to be prepared of worst-case scenarios and thereby be aware of all the redressal mechanisms if things go haywire with your car insurance provider.

Due to lack of awareness and knowledge regarding the process, many customers fail to raise a complaint with a car insurance provider. However, it is worth remembering that as a customer you pay your premium every year. Hence, you hold the right to raise a complaint in case of negligence or other issues from your car insurance provider.

Draft a letter

It is always a good idea to file your complaint in writing rather than reporting it verbally. It not only lowers the possibility of any kind of miscommunication but also leaves a greater impact than just raising a complaint verbally. Clearly mention the nature of your complaint in the subject line of your letter. In case you are not able to clearly explain your query in the letter, then you can also request your insurance provider to arrange a call with you. The details like email address, contact number and postal address can easily be accessed from the website of the company.

Wait for the response

Usually, it takes up to five working days for an insurance provider to look into a complaint and take appropriate actions. 5 working days is considered as the stipulated time in which an insurance provider should get back to you with a satisfactory response. If the issue is big and more complex, then the company might need to investigate further which would take more time than usual. As per the ideal procedure, the insurance company should provide you a complaint number which can be used for further enquiry.


If you feel that the company’s response is not satisfactory or your request has been rejected without providing a due explanation, then you can escalate the issue to the seniors. While escalating the complaint with the senior manager, it is preferable to clearly state why you feel that your request has not been addressed properly and mention the repercussions, if any. It is advisable to again wait for five working days before expecting a response from the senior officials. The issue may take more than 5 working days depending on the complexity of the matter.

If none of the above steps lead to redressal of your issue, then you can contact the UAE Insurance Regulator. Send the complaint number and other relevant details associated with your issue including the documents, if any.

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