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How to find a true-blue real estate agent in Dubai?

Dubai being a cosmopolitan city and an expat hotspot is a dream destination for many people across the globe. Consequently, a lot of people are always on the hunt for buying a house in Dubai. Unfortunately, buying a house is not as easy as it sounds. It takes a lot of research, footwork and the best real estate agent to find your dream house. Whether you are looking to rent a property or buy one, a trustworthy real estate agent can help you in finding the best deal. Finmaal is sharing some tips with you to find the best real estate agent in Dubai.

real estate agent


The best approach to seeking an agent is to play it safely. Talking to the previous clients of your real estate agent will give you an idea about their business conduct, relationships with clients and overall reputation. Client testimonials will not only help you build trust before entering into any contract with your agent.


Since buying a house is a risky endeavor, it is probably safer to approach someone with a considerable experience in hands. An experienced agent will make the process of finding a house much easier for you. Additionally, the paperwork would also be hassle-free as an experienced agent will ensure that you do not face any trouble while doing the paperwork.

Consider several options

In order to choose the best real estate agent, it is extremely important for you to talk to a considerable number of agents and then pick the best one. This will not only help you choose the best out of all but would also help you in gauging a better understanding of what aspects to consider while buying or renting a property.

Raise questions

Remember buying or renting a property is a big decision. Therefore, do not hesitate in throwing plethora of questions at the agent. Their job is to find the best option, something that you feel is affordable, feasible and suitable to you. From their experience to their sales history, ask as many questions as you want. Do not hesitate.

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