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How the top 5 car insurance companies in Dubai work

Cars are one of the basic requirements nowadays, especially for the working class. For traveling with ease and have your personal space and comfort, a car is a must-have. Therefore, to protect it from some unforeseen events like accidental damage or theft, insurance is really important. Car insurance provides coverage for various damages that could happen and lowers your risk and liabilities.

Hence, the best car insurance in UAE offers you primarily two types of insurance comprehensive as well 3rdp party. Fully comprehensive means your car is covered from bump to bumper whether you are fault at the time of any accident or not. The other type i.e third party covers only the damages of the third party. You can get comprehensive as well the cheapest third-party deals by different insurance and takaful operators in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah and across other Emirates of the UAE. This type of insurance covers various risks for different types of cars. Either old or new, the cheapest third-party car insurance in Dubai will help you in staying away from you’re your third-party risks.

Following is the procedure of how the top 5 car insurance companies in Dubai work, have a look:

  1. The person who bought the insurance policy is known to be the policyholder and is considered First-Party. This person is usually the owner of the car.

  2. The company that offered the insurance policy which means the ones from whom the policyholder has taken the policy. Such companies are known as Second-Party. They are the ones who have issued various types of policies for numerous car variants and provide financial assistance at the time of damage.

  3. The person who seeks claim for the damages caused by the first-party is known as Third-Party. In various scenarios, the accident causes damage to the other person on the road as well, and they gain the authority to seek redressal from the first-party.

Even, the cheapest-third party insurance in Dubai covers the financial burden as the policyholder might need to settle as a result of his or her car accident due to his or her mistake.

The first thing required by the holder after the accident or theft is the information to the insurance company. “The sooner the better” is the motto of all the insurance companies.

Once the information is provided, a representative from the insurance company walks in and scrutinizes the car and estimates the cost of repairing. He may also check various other things like the license of the driver, details about the incident along with the location and timing, details of the policyholder etc. Apart from this, he takes some photographs and all other possible pieces of evidence to raise the claim from the company for the policyholder.

Once all of this is done, the repairing time and cost are estimated and the insurance company starts working either through its approved garages or authorized workshop of the car manufacturer for the car repair as well as pays for the damages of the third-party.

If by any chance, the third-party was with the first-party at the time of the accident, the claim is usually borne by the first-party itself then. Therefore, reading the clauses of the policy is really important at the time of purchase.

Therefore, to get in touch with the best car insurance company in the UAE, that offers the cheapest third-party car insurance, you should hurry up.


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