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Finmaal Advances to MENA InsureTech Competition Grand Finale in Doha!

We're thrilled to announce a significant milestone for Finmaal فينمال! After an intense competition among top-notch start-ups, we've proudly secured our place as one of the top 3 contenders from the initial 12 startups, joining them in the MENA InsureTech Competition Grand Finale consisting of 20+ startups which will take place in Doha, Qatar taking place on 11-13 of May 2024.

This prestigious achievement is a testament to our dedication, innovation, and commitment to revolutionizing the insurance landscape. This is a golden opportunity for us to showcase our innovations, network with industry leaders, and vie for the coveted title of champion.

Our journey began with the initial selection of the Top 12 contenders, where we showcased our innovative solutions and vision for the future of insurance at the Web Summit Qatar in Doha. With passion and determination, we pitched our hearts out, leaving a lasting impression on the judges and audience alike.

We're filled with gratitude for the opportunity to participate yet again in such a prestigious event and connect with brilliant minds from across the MENA region. The energy and enthusiasm we encountered were truly inspiring, reaffirming our belief in the transformative power of InsureTech.

Here's what our Founder & CEO, Muhammad Ashfaq-Ur-Rehman had to say, "The insurance value chain onsets with sales and destines with claims. If they are cracked to the point that the overall function becomes frictionless and efficient besides being cost-effective for the simple objective of securing one’s assets/life and providing a delightful experience during the journey.

Everything else within and outside the above duo functions such as underwriting, policy administration/operations, marketing, finance, accounting, investments and reinsurance are interwoven pieces that could be stitched together in a modular form for smooth sailing across the insurance value chain.

The team at MENA InsurTech Association QIC Digital Venture Partners have been instrumental in organizing and curating the summit for the last couple of years. It's certainly a great support and service to revolutionize insurance in the MENA. Come join us to learn more about the trends and insights on the AI impact across the insurance value chain. I can't wait to see the great show to spot and create opportunities for greater collaborations among various stakeholders".

As we gear up for the grand finale, we extend our heartfelt thanks to our supporters, partners, and mentors who have been instrumental in our success thus far. Your unwavering belief in our vision fuels our determination to push the boundaries of what's possible in the world of insurance.

Stay tuned as we embark on this exhilarating journey towards the grand finale in Doha. Together, we're poised to make waves, disrupt the status quo, and shape the future of insurance in the MENA region and beyond.

Here’s the link to register and attend the MENA Insurtech Summit 2024:

Join us as we write the next chapter of the Finmaal فينمال story. The best is yet to come! 🚀


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