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Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance provider in the UAE

Whether you own a brand-new car or second-hand car in Dubai, it is mandatory for you to have a car insurance policy. Consequently, there are a plethora of cheapest car insurance companies operating in the region. Each one of them claims to offer the best assortment of policies. This makes it difficult for car owners to compare policies and select the best out of all.

Finding the Cheapest Car Insurance provider

Whether you want to buy a new car insurance policy, third-party car insurance policy or renew the existing one, it is much better and feasible to opt for online platforms such as Finmaal which makes the process of selecting the best car insurance company in UAE much easier. Here is how you can find the cheapest car insurance provider in the UAE.

Compare insurance providers online

Companies like Finmaal work with leading car insurance providers in the UAE. They usually have a database which helps you compare multiple car insurance providers and check out the available discounts and offers they offer. This will not only save your time but will also help you in selecting the most affordable and suitable option. Whether it is understanding the nitty-gritties of the types of car insurance policies; third-party insurance and comprehensive car insurance or understanding the features of various car policies, Finmaal can help you in sealing the best deals.

Duration of car insurance

All the car insurance policies need to be renewed after a certain time period. However, some insurance companies offer a combined policy which can last for years. Most of these companies offer lucrative discounts and offers on a combined car policy. Look at multiple and see which car insurance provider is offering the most feasible combined car policy. Considering this option will not only save you from the trouble of getting car policy renewed every year but will also save you a good amount.


Most companies provide a wide range of additional features in exchange of a certain amount with car insurance policy. Some of the add-ons are emergency medical expenses, dent repair, natural calamities cover, off-road cover, personal accident cover for drivers and passengers among others. If chosen wisely, getting additional covers with your car insurance policy can help you in saving a good amount in long run. If a car insurance provider is offering add-ons at affordable prizes, it is a good idea to make use of it.


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