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Buying Home Insurance in Dubai made easier

Buying one’s own house is a long-cherished dream of most of the people. A home is one’s safe haven, a place one can call their own. It is also one of the biggest investments most people make in their lives. Considering the high amount involved in buying a house, it is needless to stress the importance of buying a home insurance.

Buying home insurance in Dubai

For an owner of the house, a house insurance protects you from financial losses suffered in the events of natural disasters, fire and other such others. Due to availability of several options of home insurance in UAE, it can be really painstaking to pick the best out of all. This is the point where companies like Finmaal come into play, which will not only present multiple options for home insurance but will also explain the pros and cons of each one of them. If you are looking to buy the best home insurance in UAE but do not know how to start, here is a quick and easy guide for you.

Consider the events you are insure against

The first step to buying a home insurance is to figure out the events your policy incudes, whether it is fire explosion or lightning, theft, rainwater, storm, flooding etc. Read the details of the insured events thoroughly in the policy document. Ask questions if you feel that your policy do not include all the major events.

Look for a wholesome policy

While opting for a home insurance policy, it is very important for you to thoroughly go through the policy document and verify if it covers everything you wanted or not. In certain cases, the policy may very well leave the electronic items and only cover the losses for household items. If you are looking for a policy which covers electronic items as well, then please see if the policy document specifically mentions electronic items or not.

Understand the difference between personal possessions cover and home contents cover

It is very important to understand the difference between personal possessions cover and home contents cover. Home content cover is for the articles that are a part of your house at all times. It insures that valuable articles which are present in your house against damages. Personal possessions cover for the articles which the owner carry with them against theft as well as damages. For example, your smartphone comes under personal possessions cover. Home contents cover is cheaper and a more viable option than personal possessions cover.

Review the extra benefits

Ask your insurer about the additional benefits, if any covered in your policy. Some companies offer benefits like home maintenance. It is important to evaluate your policy on all measures.

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