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Beware of car insurance fraud in Dubai

Dubai is heaven for all car lovers. The city offers an exquisite range of cars that you can buy and drive. Moreover, the auto insurance is available at very competitive prices and the process is a cakewalk, provided the plethora of car insurance companies in Dubai. But the system isn’t impervious to scams. There have been numerous instances of insurance products being mis sold in the UAE. It’s very essential for car owners to be well apprised of the auto insurance market to safeguard their hard-earned money from being looted by scammers.

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Beware of car insurance fraud

This article will provide you an insight into what can go wrong while deciding on a auto Insurance policy in Dubai. You’ll get to know some do’s and don’ts to follow to get the best legal, genuine insurance deal for your car in Dubai. Go through this checklist to make sure you do not end up getting scammed. 

Entering Ghost Broking

This type of fraud is one of the most common as well as the one that goes unidentified. In this type of fraud, the broker offers to work as an intermediate (commonly known as an agent) between the driver (insurer) and the insurance company. after that he buys a valid policy from an authentic policy provider in the market and offers that to the driver. Once the driver pays for the insurance policy, the broker then cancels it and keeps the money with himself.

Another way of this fraud is fake documentation. A lot of ghost brokers prepare an exact similar copy of the real policies available in the market with some little unnoticeable changes due to which they appeal the driver and eventually the fall in the trap by buying this fake policy.

Last but not actually the least is the case of manipulation. Car insurance in Dubai often has people in the market who put false claims under the name of original policy in order to lure the driver to buy it. this is also a recent phenomenon in the market of car insurance companies in Dubai.

How to Save Yourself?

There are a couple of ways present to save yourself from the frauds happen during the purchase of a car insurance in Dubai through various car insurance companies in Dubai. Those are

  1. DIY which means DO IT YOURSELF :

You are your own best-friend and therefore, if you don’t want any frauds to happen, purchasing a policy directly from the insurance company and keeping an eye on your policy yourself including all the paper work and other stuff is the best possible way out.  It will undoubtedly be difficult but until and unless you are not able to find a regulated broker, keep the insurance work to yourself.

  1. Avoid Advance Payments:

Many fraud brokers ask for advance payments in the name of car insurance companies in Dubai to be safe from them, you should not pay any amount before the receiving of an authentic documentation or confirmation through the company you are buying a policy from.

In today’s world, where frauds have become a routine thing, it’s important to be aware always. Especially when it comes to car insurance policies in Dubai, your vigilance would save you from being cheated and you can secure for yourself and your vehicle the best legal insurance deal in Dubai.

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