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7 Super easy ways to keep your car insurance more organized.

Insurance has become so important in our lives today. Starting from health insurance to life insurance or even car insurance, these are as important as the basics of life. However, we often tend to neglect the importance of insurance when compared to the other financial matters. Insurance such as insurance or car takaful, term insurance, medical insurance can save you a lot of trouble and give your financial health a real boost.

Top 5 car insurance policies –

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car insurance companies in Dubai,

According to a recent report by Swiss Re, 42% of the insurance sector is dominated by car insurance owing to the high mortality rates and loss of property to road accidents every year. Insurance documents can be a real headache at times. These are mere pieces of paper most of the time until you need them. Keeping them well organized is necessary to avoid the last-minute hassle.

Let us look at a few ways to organize insurance documents so that you can find them easily when you need them:-

  1. Stack in categorized folders: Keep all your insurance-related documents such as different insurance policies, table of benefits, FAQs including claim related process, emergencies contact numbers etc in separate folders categorized properly.

  2. Set automated reminders for premiums: There can be nothing worse than missing premium payment deadlines. Always set timeline reminders for premium payment deadlines.

  3. Auto debit your premiums: Select the auto-debit option for a hassle-free premium payment experience and never miss another deadline.

  4. Link your insurance communication with email and mobile: Just like your banking communications, it is time you linked your insurance-related communications with your email and SMS to get constant communications coming your way and stay updated always.

  5. Store the digital documents: Keep a copy of the documents in the digital format saved on your system so that you never have to fear losing the document and have a copy always at your disposal.

  6. Keep a copy of car insurance in the car: It is advisable to always keep your car insurance handy while on road. Keep a copy of the documents well stacked in a file in your car’s dashboard.

  7. Keep a consolidated file: Keep a set of all the insurance documents consolidated in a single multi-pocketed folder. This is to keep the documents easily accessible during any emergency.

Now that you know how to organize insurance documents like a pro, it is time you get the insurance of all sorts chosen like a pro. Choose the top and cheapest insurance from Finmaal by visiting and compare the insurance from among the best ones in the UAE. You can retrieve your insurance quote anytime on Finmaal.


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