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7 secrets about car insurance few people know

Car insurance is quite necessary in Dubai and thus, most of the people just focus on getting it without knowing about its details. They always avoid the notable policy documents and just intend to get it renewed within the set timeline. But this is not an apt thing! Anyone who shows such inactiveness in knowing about the policy won’t be able to avail of the several benefits associated with the policy. You’ll have to compare car insurance in UAE while getting it facilitated with no shortcomings. 

car insurance in Dubai

7 secrets about car insurance

Even if you are getting the notably cheapest car insurance in Dubai, you will have to look out for secrets that the company might never reveal. Here are some of them: 

  1. Premium gets affected by multiple drivers: Most of the motor insurance companies work upon the premium amount based on the multiple drivers per car. Apart from that, the amount also depends upon the accidental risk as well as the claim. Due to this reason, you’ll witness a higher premium amount in the case of multiple drivers.

  2. Expired policy’s renewal: Have you missed out on your policy renewal of the cheapest car insurance in Dubai? If yes, then you don’t have to worry about that. It’s because you get a 90 days’ extension that commences right from your policy’s expiry date. You can freely get your policy renewed within this extended window with no hassle or loss in benefits. 

  3. No Claim Bonus transfer: Till now, a good number of people are not even aware about the NCB transfer when they are changing their insurer. If you still have any NCB left with the current insurer, it stands necessary for you to get it transferred to the new insurer. This transfer is quite easy, and you should be aware about the same. 

  4. Towing Charge cover: While you are driving on highways and in various remote areas, you shall not easily find a garage if you experience any mishap. Even if you get one, the charges of the garage or the mechanic shall prove to be a costly affair. But, if you have the best car insurance company by your side, you won’t have to worry about these expenses. It’s surely because of the towing charges that these policies cover. 

  5. Car accessories’ cover: You can rely on the most credible as well as the cheapest 3rd party car insurance in Dubaifor getting the best premium. It shall provide you the option of not only covering your car’s damage but its accessories as well. With such additions in your policy, your premium is going to increase, but it’s still a cost-effective option. 

  6. Zero Depreciation cover: You should note that the overall sum attained once you claim the vehicle insurance shall get subtracted by your car’s depreciation rate. If you want to avoid such deductions from your car insurance, you can freely opt for the zero-depreciation cover. With it, the policyholder gets the ability to attain the actual sum with no depreciation issue. 

  7. Key replacement: Just in case you have lost your car’s ignition keys, you can easily get the new key’s cost reimbursed by your car insurance. All you need to do is going through the policy details and try to reap out the best benefits from the same. Key replacement is facilitated by majority of the car insurance companies and you should ensure that yours also one of them. 

Conclusion: With so many car insurance companies in Dubai, you are surely going to get confused about which one to choose. Apart from that, the prices provided by these companies may vary! So, if you want to compare these companies and choose the best out of them, you can choose Finmaal. This company is the finest agency to compare car insurance in UAE and it also provides the hassle-free quotes with no shortcomings. While trying out Finmaal’s services, you are surely going to save a lot of your time, money, and efforts. 


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