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7 innovative and important ways to improve your Car insurance policy

Getting insurance is equivalent to securing yourself and your car against any unforeseen motor accidents. While on one hand, it is mandatory to have vehicle insurance in Dubai, it is wise that you get the best car insurance in Dubai to avoid any uncalled for expenses or harrowing experiences later on when you want to claim it. You must also be aware of the best vehicle insurance Dubai prices in Dubai for the same.

car insurance in UAE

7 innovative and important ways to improve your Car insurance policy

Owing to vehicle insurance becoming compulsory in a large number of countries including the UAE and numbers of road accidents continuing to be on a steep rise, this segment is growing rapidly across the globe. According to a Swiss Re report on the global motor insurance market, vehicle insurance accounts for about 42% of the total non-life insurance sector. This is a testimony to the surging adoption of car insurance globally including UAE.

To save you from further worries and ensuring a smooth ride with the best vehicle insurance, let us look at some add-ons to improve your vehicle insurance policy further.

Personal accident coverage: Regardless of the type of car insurance in Dubai or UAE you have, comprehensive insurance or third party insurance, it is always advisable that you opt for a personal accident coverage to cover bodily (human) injuries along with other damages while claiming financial advantages.

Roadside assistance: This is a very handy add-on that lets you be covered for on-road requirements like refueling, flat tyres, key loss etc. It is also useful in case of damages caused by natural calamities or weather-borne damages.

Replacement Cars: This extension is beneficial when your car meets any damage beyond immediate repair. With this add-on, you will be given a replacement car while your car is getting repaired.

Car theft and fire: Car thefts are very common nowadays. Stay relaxed with car theft & fire add-on that keeps you covered if your car gets stolen or is faced with a malicious damage/explosion. Most of the best vehicle insurances in Dubai offer this add-on.

Agency repair: The quality of repairs can directly impact the life of your car especially when its relatively a new car. You may lose warranty if you don’t get your car repaired from the authorized and approved garages. Similarly, this could have an influence over the car insurance prices in Dubai and hence getting this add-on is a no brainer. This ensures that your car is repaired at manufacturer-authorized workshops and only genuine spare parts are used.

Off-road: This add-on offers additional coverage against off-road damages caused while experiencing the beauty of the UAE while driving through the dunes or long stretches of the desert, which is usually not covered by conventional car insurances. It is a must to have for four wheel vehicles if you intend to have driving fun in the deserts of Dubai and United Arab Emirates.

Extension for Oman:

If you love traveling or are a frequent traveler to Oman, this extension coverage is a must for you. This keeps you and you car covered even beyond the borders of UAE in the terrains of our neighbor Mossandum, Muscat, Salalah or any other part of the Sultanate of Oman.

Now that you know how to improve your car insurance and get the most out of it, it is time you choose the best car insurance in Dubai and be sure of the best car insurance prices in UAE. Visit Finmaal today and get the best quote for your car insurance from the best car insurance providers in Dubai. Compare the quotes and choose the best-suited insurance policy at the best price.


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