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10 Reasons why quality car insurance is important

Over the past decade, consumer behavior concerning vehicles, road safety, and health have evolved drastically. People are more concerned about the losses now than ever. On the other hand, motor accidents or mishaps haven’t gone down in number even as we speak. According to statistics published by the Worlds Health Organization (WHO), road and motor accidents kill 1.2 million people year on year globally, along with damaging vehicles worth billions every year. These alarming numbers have also given rise to the awareness of car insurance. Vehicle insurance accounts for about 42% of the entire insurance segment globally

car insurance in UAE

Why car insurance is important ?

When you are going for car insurance in UAE, don’t just opt for any vehicle insurance but one that ranks high on the quality parameters if you want a seamless experience while claiming insurance. Let us delve deeper into some of the reasons why it is important to get a quality car insurance:

  1. Legally mandatory: According to the road safety regulations in the UAE any cars plying on the roads of the country that doesn’t have insurance can be pulled off the road anytime by the legal authorities and fined across UAE.

  2. Shields your finances against unprecedented damages: Accidents and mishaps are always uncalled for and catch us off guards. Having top-class vehicle insurance assures that the vehicle’s damages as well as other accidental charges can be covered by the insurance amount without stressing our finances.

  3. Comprehensive Coverage: It is highly recommended that you get vehicle insurance with comprehensive especially for your new cars instead of third party insurances.

  4. Mandatory for leasing out: If you are planning to put your vehicle out for a lease or commercial purposes, it is mandatory to have good vehicle insurance.

  5. Protection against repairing charges: If your car is insured, you can claim the amount when you’re repairing any damaged part. This helps you reduce financial woes.

  6. Passenger protection: Good car insurance also covers the medical expenses of the passengers in case of any mishaps.

  7. Personal protection: It is wise to get uninsured motorist coverage in case you aren’t an insured driver. This saves you from emptying your wallets for medical expenses.

  8. Higher resale value for cars: You can get a better deal while selling your car off if it is insured.

  9. Legal coverage: Good car insurance also covers every expense that might occur in case it is involved in any legal case. This also ensures a third party liability which helps you protect other properties.

  10. Security on stolen cars: Car theft is a huge concern these days. Having insurance against your car assures you financially even if it is stolen. You can claim the insured amount and invest it in buying another car.

You must choose car insurance wisely. If you own a car and wonder which would be the cheapest car insurance in Dubai, go no further. Visit Finmaal today and choose from among the best car insurance plans in UAE for your wheels. Get your car insured today to stay tension free for the rest of your life.


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