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Availing financial services through an intelligent platform helps you save time , money & efforts

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Simplifying financial services to make people's
lives easier !

Here’s how Finmaal is simplifying lives!

On a mission to simplify financial services to make people’s lives easier

Finmaal Marketplace

A marketplace to fulfill Your lifestyle financial needs

Finmaal Wallet

A Digital wallet for your financial information

Finmaal Digital Fact Finder

A Digital Advisor for Personalized Financial services


Gamification to uplift financial literacy & Financial inclusion

Serving you at every stage of your life

We're building innovative & ethical solutions to serve generations by fulflling their financial needs at every stage of their lives , from lifestyle planning to retirement*


Finmaal Marketplace

A marketplace to fulfill Your lifestyle financial needs

Compare & buy from a variety of providers all in one place



Finmaal Wallet

All of your Financial Information in 1 wallet

A single place to access your financial information such as insurance policies & bank accounts.

  1. One App for all financial information
  2. ​Ease in Claim requests
  3. Store & upload relevant documents.

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Finmaal Digital Fact Finder

Personalized financial-need analysis

Accessible with just a few clicks, offering a quick & tailored personalized need analysis & product recommendation.

  1. Digitalized Solution
  2. User friendly process

  3. Comprehensive Financial Calculators

  4. Personalized Recommendations



Financial learning without consequences!

Empowering youth with financial literacy through an interactive game that imparts valuable lessons, equipping them to make informed decisions in their early financial journeys

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Financial Literacy

Finmaal is dedicated to helping individuals and businesses gain financial literacy and financial freedom. Offering comprehensive guides such as budgeting, investment, and debt management. With our expertise and guidance, customers can be empowered to take control of their personal finances and reach their financial goals.

We Take Pride in Our Achievements

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